Call for Contributions to Doctoral Symposium


The goal of the doctoral symposium of ICGSE 2014 is to provide students with useful guidance and feedback for the successful completion of their dissertation from established scholars and other PhD attendees. The doctoral symposium will also help participants to establish a new research and social network of their peers in the field of Global Software Engineering (GSE).


The technical scope of the doctoral symposium is that of ICGSE2014. The list of the topics can be found the ICGSE conference website. For the doctoral symposium the students should consider participating in the Doctoral Symposium after they have settled on a dissertation topic with some initial research results. Students should be at least a year from completion of their dissertation to obtain maximum benefit from participation. We invite students at different stages to submit to the Doctoral Symposium:

  • Initial stage: Students should show evidence that they are concretizing their research question and approach. These students will be involved in discussions that enable them to think critically about their ideas and proposed research approaches. The submission of this category is limited to three (3) pages;
  • Mature stage: Students should have published or be about to publish research papers on concrete research question and approach. These students will be asked to present a talk about their work and get feedback to further improve it from various aspects. The submission of this category is limited to six (6) pages.


To participate in the Doctoral Symposium, students should prepare a submission package consisting of two parts, a research abstract and a letter of recommendation.

Part 1: Research Abstract

The research abstract must be in English and should cover the following aspects:
  • The problem to be solved and its importance in the field;
  • Previous work which has addressed similar problems explaining why they have not been previously solved;
  • The proposed approach;
  • The expected results;
  • A plan for the evaluation of the results.

Part 2: Letter of Recommendation

The letter should include the submission number of the paper, the name of the candidate, the status of the dissertation research and an expected date for the dissertation submission.
The submissions must conform to the IEEE CS format that is being used for the ICGSE 2014. Guidelines are available from the ICGSE conference website for call for papers.

Submission System: The submissions shall be made via email to the doctoral symposium chair (ali.babar AT

Selection Process

Submissions will be reviewed by a review committee using the following criteria:

  • Technical quality of the submission, e.g., clarity, precision and adequacy of the problem statement, related work, self-contained solution description, expected results and their evaluation plan.
  • Overall quality, including originality of the submission, novelty of the research approach, and relevance to ICGSE 2014.

Important Dates

Abstract and Letter of Recommendation Submission May 10th, 2014
Notification of decision on submission May 20th, 2014
Camera-ready paper due June 1st, 2014

Doctoral Symposium Chair

M. Ali Babar, The University of Adelaide, Australia

Last updated: Mar 10, 2014